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In a growing economy like India, the entrepreneur keeps on searching for new options to develop their business. The best profitable business opportunity in India is a franchise business. The franchise is just an extension of an existing company and you can earn maximum in a franchise business with less investment. There are varieties of franchise business opportunities in India. This may include various franchise business like consultancy franchise, financial franchise, health care franchise, education franchise, food franchise etc.

Franchise business opportunities are available easily in India and one among them is the education franchise business. Education franchise is the best profitable business opportunity for entrepreneurs in India. Education business franchise can be adopted by both new as well as existing entrepreneurs in India. There are huge numbers of a franchise in education. It is the best profitable franchise business opportunity because it is a necessity of mass and is acceptable by a large number of groups, especially in India.

And to start such a business in the education field is a privilege indeed. To do something that enables the future generation to achieve great heights in their careers can be considered as a massive achievement. Franchises that provides minimal investment and high return is a rarity nowadays, and Livewire is one such brand franchise that guarantees you that in India.

Educational Franchise

Education franchise includes almost everything that is involved in the enhancement of an individual, whether it is a child, a youth or an elder. It involves educational franchise like pre-school franchise, tutoring franchise, high school franchise, school franchise, distance education franchise, computer franchise, learning centre franchise etc. And it involves all best education franchise that works to impart training and education. All types of training and education are included in an education franchise business. Education franchisors offer educational franchise such as schools, institutes, development training institutes, professional coaching operators etc. You can opt for any one of the available franchise business opportunity in India and can open an education franchise today.

India is an educational hub. Education has now become the most growing sector in India. It offers the latest and best profitable business opportunities for the entrepreneur who wants to start his business with education franchise in India. As everyone knows India is the largest youth population country. And above all, they are always showing eagerness to receive the world-class education system. That is why more numbers of entrepreneurs are entering the franchise business with a new educational concept. Started long back the education franchise business has emerged as a boom in current years. According to the latest survey, India is one of the largest markets for education franchises.

Franchise education business covers a large area. Education and training franchise covers about 32 per cent of the total franchise business in India. Education franchise is more acceptable franchise than other existing franchise. People in India are aware of the educational franchise and thus they are always ready to opt for an educational franchise as compared to other existing franchise business.

High growth:

Nowadays more numbers of people are opting education franchise business. The best thing to invest in the franchise business is that you will get the chance to work with an already proven business brand in the industry. So that the entrepreneurs do not need to face the problem to sell their product. Out of every 1200 franchise, 400 are an educational franchise. Finally, the ratio of education franchise is growing at a rate of 35% and will continuously grow in the next few years.

Every time it has been found, at the starting level of the education business, entrepreneurs have to survive a lot, to run the business with an existing brand, minimize the risk of failure. Above all, for the business to get profitable within no time, best possible quality should be ensured for the students of India waiting for an opportunity.

Training and support from the parent company:  

If you have set your mind to invest the money in education franchise business opportunity in India then you need not worry to handle the business properly because the parent company will guide you best. Hence, they will provide you with the best training and support from the initial point of your business. As an investor, you will get all the tools, training materials and guidelines from the parent company or franchisor.

Easy to attract potential customer:

The money in the education franchise business then you need not worry to handle the business properly because the parent company will guide you best. They will provide you with the best training and support from the initial point of your business. As an investor, you will get all the tools, training materials and guidelines from the parent company or franchisor.

Easy to attract potential customer:

The biggest advantage of any education franchise business is that people do not need to make extra efforts to attract potential customers because everyone is more aware of the educational brand’s name.

Financial support:

In a franchise business, it is much easier to obtain the loan for starting it. The franchisor or parent company provides you with a loan or arrange it at the time of requirement these are some reasons that attract the people to opt the education franchise business for expanding the business worldwide.

Advantage of opening an education franchise:

  • By owning an education franchise, you are your own boss as no interference is involved.
  • It is easy to run an education franchise in India as training is always provided by educational institutes.
  • Education franchise opportunities are in large numbers and it involves less risk.
  • By taking a franchise of education you can yield the best profitable returns.
  • It ensures a safe method to start a franchise.
  • Education is the most important sector in India.
  • An institute provides educational franchise is already a settled brand name and thus its image is good.
  • And finally, education franchise business always grows with time.

Livewire Franchise

Business opportunity in India - Livewire

Livewire is a division of Cadd Centre training Institute and is into the industry for over 30 years, having our corporate office in Chennai. At Livewire we provide technical training for IT, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical students as well as the working people. With around 30+ courses provided in our portfolio, we are proud to be recognized as one of the largest technical training companies in India. We have around 90+ Franchise in India and internationally, proving Livewire as an established Brand and reaching out to a wide range of targeted customers. The overall investment for taking up a franchise is 15 – 25 lakhs which is quite reasonable considering the business opportunity and association with leading brands in India.

Taking up a Franchise of Livewire gives you an advantage of all the credentials and mileages we hold. As an Approved NSDC Training Center, we meet all the standards of training in our institute. Holding dual ISO certifications (9001:2015, 29990:2010) we stand out in terms of quality of training provided at our institutes. In addition, being a partner with Livewire we provide all needed supports like operational, technical and marketing support. Lastly, as an investor, you get all the freedom in terms of maintaining accounts, HR practices and investment towards marketing.

Benefits of joining our Franchise:

  • A powerful business solution that gives profit from Day 1.
  • The chosen training will always be an on demand technology.
  • Our franchise model is present in such a way that you get more profit than other franchise businesses.
  • Complete freedom of business operations.
  • Continuously connect with the industry to enable growth.
  • Expert support will always be available.

We invite you to join us in this journey towards skilling India with job-ready tech skills. If you are considering starting a business of your own, then the training industry offers enormous scope for growth! Plus, as our franchise, you will be in a win-win zone. Above all, we have a tried and tested business methodology which ensures that our franchise partners start enjoying ROI in the first year itself. We are one of the best bets among the various latest business opportunity in India.

Partner Support

All our partners will receive certain benefits from our corporate office. Above all, we make sure that the partners have all the support needed for their business to flourish and for the students to actually benefit from the experience. In addition, you need maximum support to begin a franchise for coaching classes.

  • Technical Support: Complete Online technical support, Attend any number of training, doubt clarification and updates training
  • Operating Support: Centralised Portal for managing the centre operations, such as enquiry handling, Student registration, Billing, Books purchase and Certificate Processing.
  • Marketing Support: All local marketing to be handled by the respective network centre. Tools for marketing will be available in the Corporate support portal.

The decisions taken are valuable enough to strike a balance between business losses and profits. The initial steps seem to be demanding and challenging for me, but later on, it is a permanent career through which one is able to see the dreams come true.” says one of our franchise owner Anush Raj.P, who is currently running our Livewire centres in Padi and Mylapore.

Courses Provided

Our main focus is on technical training on various trending technologies in the current job market.

Some of the popular courses provided by us are:

  • Java
  • Python Programming
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Network Security
  • Industrial Automation
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things
  • Embedded Systems
  • Cloud computing etc

Apart from these, we make sure to update our course list based on the recent developments in the market. Any technology that gives students a chance to shine in the job market, we make sure to analyse and then decide on whether to include it our course list or not. Students get to learn from industry experts who have experience in their respective subjects. There won’t be any compromise on the quality of teaching standards in all of our centres.

By doing a course from our institutes, we don’t just ensure them a certificate. Above all, a promise to give them the best possible course for them in the market. We make sure that not just the practical aspects, but the basics are thoroughly covered as well. Most of the courses end with a project given to the students. This is to ensure that they have understood all the concepts and are ready to make an entry to the job market.

The students who have completed the course are also provided placement assistance. We make sure to provide an environment to students that not justs provide training, but guides them to success in their respective careers. The trainers will be properly trained by the experts and the materials for teaching are regularly updated as to keep up with the industrial standards. We don’t consider this is a business opportunity but as a responsibility to increase the standards of the youth of India.

Best Franchise Business Opportunity For Education in India

Livewire is undoubtedly one of the best brand franchise in the education sector in India. For a skilled India, we need more and more centres that provide quality training to the students. With the support and brand name of our franchise, an institute can easily come up. And above all, become a power in their respective places within no time. We dream of a skilled India, wherein the youth of our nation is given the chance to be successful in whichever career they choose to embark upon.

Educational Business Franchise Opportunity

Therefore, we request everyone who dreams of starting a business or has dreams of becoming an entrepreneur in the near future to visit our website to get to know more about this opportunity. Once you make an enquiry, we will provide an answer for every doubt of yours. and you will be able to make a calculated decision. Also, you can be sure of the fact that we will be supporting you from the very first step. It is a business opportunity that you surely can’t miss out on in India.

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