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For centuries, humans have been on a constant lookout for a business opportunity that profits them. Ever since the early 20th century, the concept of franchising became widespread. The business has never been easier. With franchising, it gives a perfect opportunity for people to generate income from the word go. And lately, with the rise of digital media, it has become more widespread. The idea of owning a franchise is the dream of many since it involves less risk as compared to beginning a business on your own. In India, there is no dearth in a business opportunity franchise in different fields such as restaurants, education, etc.


Franchising in simple terms is a business proposition based on which a new entity can adopt the business model of another organization. The organization which gives its name and business model or the franchisor generally gives out the business model, day-to-day processes, products, name and services to a franchise. Although, the franchisee must pay the franchisor some fees and sign certain obligations which will all be generally included in the franchise agreement.

Franchising provides many business advantages which makes it highly lucrative for individuals. One of its main advantages is that the franchise can make use of the franchisor’s brand name. It is highly useful since there is no need to spend so much on brand promotion. People have a trust that helps to sell the products from the very first day.

Education Franchise Opportunity in India

In India, there is a dearth of quality educational centres. At present, India has one of the highest youth populations in the world. And as such, there is a huge demand for skilled individuals. There is immense competition for jobs in the market and only those who are properly trained and skilled will make it to the top.

This leaves a huge business opportunity in the Educational field of India. Numerous institutes are coming up everywhere. But the problem is the trust factor. Students are not willing to give their time for an institute that doesn’t have a history or a reputed brand name. This is where the franchise opportunity kicks in. The field of education franchise business opportunity in India is wide open due to the increasing demand.

Livewire Franchise

Educational Business Opportunity in India - Livewire

LiveWire is a niche IT training institute creating professionals for emerging technology industries and specialist technology jobs. A part of CADD Centre, which is Asia’s largest CAD/CAM/CAE training institute, LiveWire is present in 60 locations across India.

We provide specialist training courses that are at the intersection of software, hardware, networking and management. Above all, we cater to the skill requirements of industries in the areas of IT infrastructure management, network engineering, IT project management, electronic design automation, and industrial automation.

We at LIVEWIRE promote technology training in Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Electronic Design Automation, IT Infrastructure Management, Industrial Automation, Software Development, etc. LIVEWIRE presents in more than 100 locations spread across seven countries.

The courses offered by LiveWire are based on a set of advanced software and technologies such as Advanced Linux and Microsoft products; MS Office Project in IT, OrCAD, VLSI Technologies, Matlab, and PLC/SCADA. We offer courses in association with world’s leading technology companies such as Cadence, CompTIA, Microsoft, and Siemens.

The curricula are prepared with inputs from the product companies and employer industries. The training is offered by instructors who are trained by product developers and industry bodies. Our training centres boast of high-end hardware and sophisticated technology labs that are modelled on real-world R&D units of industries.

We invite you to join us in this journey towards skilling India with job-ready tech skills. If you are considering starting a business of your own, then the training industry offers enormous scope for growth! Plus, as our franchise, you will be in a win-win zone. We have a tried and tested business methodology which ensures that our franchise partners start enjoying ROI in the first year itself.

Why the Livewire Franchise?

There are so many reasons as to why you should choose Livewire as your education franchise business opportunity in India.

  • Easy to start and manage: As with franchises, we have a team supporting you at all times. From the very beginning, our specialist team will be fully behind you in case of any issues or problems. We have a 360-degree support system which ensures that it will be a smooth flow for you.
  • Experts in the field: We have been pioneers in the field of skill development for more than three decades. With all our valuable experience, we can almost guarantee you success which not many franchises can offer you.
  • A huge number of technologies available: We have a wide range of subjects available for wide target customers with more than 30 technologies.
  • A high success rate: As of now, our franchise success rate is more than 95%.
  • Dealing with most futuristic technologies: Based on the feedback from industry experts, we continuously try to evolve. For example, AI is one of the trending topics right now, and we understand it is going to be a pivotal subject in the coming future. So we have started a course on Artificial Intelligence.

More importantly, we provide three types of support:

  • Technical Support: Complete Online technical support, Attend any number of training, doubt clarification and updates training.
  • Operations Support: Centralised Portal for managing the centre operations, such as enquiry handling, Student registration, Billing, Books purchase and Certificate Processing.
  • Marketing Support: All local marketing to be handled by the respective network centre. Tools for marketing will be available in the Corporate support portal.

And if you are not yet sure, do watch the video below of our franchise partners talking about Livewire.

Best Education Franchise Business Opportunity in India

To conclude, without any doubt, the Livewire franchise is quite possibly one of the best available education business opportunity in India. For anyone ready to start a new business in the educational sector, you may have hit the jackpot here. With over 70 franchises all over India, this might be the perfect opportunity for you.

Apart from the business aspect, you can be proud of the fact that you will be involved in the dream of making India a skilled nation. You will play a significant part in the development of the youth of the nation. Above all, for our country to prosper, we need to make sure the youth are properly skilled. This is the dream of our brand as a whole. Register with us now to know more.

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