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Starting a franchise business is a profitable business model. It involves lesser to moderate risks and higher returns if everything goes well. Business is also one of the most sought after earning opportunities because it presents freedom of expression and interest. It also allows you to earn unlimited revenue is comparatively shorter times. Considering the current market scenario in India and looking at the way India is growing as a prospective commercial and economic hub in the south Asian region, franchising your business in the markets of India involves almost no risk and assured returns. More and more international entities are coming to offer their education franchise opportunity in India. Franchising is an excellent way to enhance your brand’s footprint in India with the help of native people.

Education Franchise Opportunity

To provide ease to the new budding entrepreneurs, there comes a great helping platform. The best education franchise in India, the “Livewire”.

So How Does Franchising Work?

Franchising is all about sharing your business model with a prospective client who is capable of keeping true to your brand practices and could manage to maintain the standards of your brand. Basically, you give the right of using your company’s business model, brand name and also your product for a specific period to another prospective investor who is ready to invest a particular amount of funds for using your business model.

People opt for franchising compared to starting their own business. The reason is when it’s a franchise, it’s already a well-established business model and the brand is already well established and has a loyal customer base to offer. So you won’t have to spend a lot of resources and money on marketing, branding, digital presence, and advertising either. All you have to do is follow the norms and regulations set by the franchise owner and keep earning profits with your dedication and hard work.

Indian economy is growing fast and more and more international brands are entering the Indian markets by setting up their franchises across the nation. With India becoming more of a leading commercial hub for starting up the business across the country, more and more brands are setting up their footprints in the Indian markets with the model of franchising! Moreover, Indian brands are also getting aware about the increasing buying power of the customers, and they are ready to tap the potential by offering their franchises across all the cities. Franchising is welcomed with both hands because it also plays a vital role in job creation and the economic development of the company.

India is soon becoming the country with the highest youth ratio in the world, which means

  • More potential buyers
  • More market opportunities
  • More workforce
  • Increased profit

Franchising Is The Future!

More and more brands are starting up their franchise model in India because of the potential market and better returns. The franchise industry in India is not showing any signs of slowing down for the last five years. The sector has proved highly profitable in a previous couple of years. The year 2019 has also followed the same trend. India is the world’s fastest-growing economy and is expected to reach a 7.8% GDP by the end of 2019. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledging to double the size of the Indian economy by 2025, one can clearly see the market opportunities. Education Franchises provide the perfect platform for prospective entrepreneurs as it allows them to have their freedom while also getting the benefits of already established business models.

Education Franchise in India


When it comes to the growth or establishment of any firm, most of the common people don’t realize education is the key to knowledge.

Without the right education, there is no scope of development, for instance, if someone doesn’t know on how to add on with correct spelling’s and he is about to bid for hefty projects or doesn’t know the coordination of even ‘word’ and has planned for all the writing terminologies and planned with the earning scenarios of the subject, then there can only be lost by all means since the basic foundation is not in place.

In the same way, when one doesn’t have proper knowledge of the term, then the expansion and calculations can be thought of but not actually be implied for successful results.

At LIVEWIRE, the best education franchise opportunity in India, one is even educated with all the necessary terms and technical scenarios of the particular firm with a proper training course prior to the implementations.

Even if one is facing financial problems, livewire has the solution to it with basic loans from SBI bank at a reasonable interest rate. Now when you have an education, you have the base and the structure is now ready to be firm.


Having one’s own franchise is a great base to create opportunities for any business to grow.

After all the hefty knowledge of the expansions and franchise development, now the most important question in any person’s mind is, HOW?

LIVEWIRE is created to vanish this so-called “how” situation and provides a great interface between the creation and idea. It offers the best education franchise opportunity in India.

LIVEWIRE, the best education franchise opportunity in India, is a great platform for the budding as well as settled businessmen. It helps them to promote their business and expand it into various branches, thus making it a franchise.


India slotted to become the world’s highest population in the world by 2022. Now one business place doesn’t work and for the sake of growth, there requires expansion. Livewire works in different ways in all directions. If you are to start your own business, join the best Education Franchise Opportunity in India, Livewire. There we provide all the necessary training of industry and how to make it grow step by step.

  • The franchise from livewire helps with all the required knowledge and extravagantly in:
  • Easy to start and manage
  • From pioneers in skill management and less than three decades
  • More than 30 technology, for widespread customers.
  • Skill loan from SBI
  • And many more facilities to start and expand or just expand with ease.

So what you are waiting for, have an idea of start-up or expansion?

Just swipe to ‘WWW.LIVEWIREINDIA.COM‘, education franchise opportunity in India and have a look at the real-life opportunities and a path to your success.

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